Tile flooring for the savvy homeowner

When you want flooring that can really make a statement with amazing artistic design, tile flooring is definitely an option you should be looking into. There are nearly endless styles, colors, designs and decorative features that allow you to have a one of a kind floor for your home.

Whether you want a simple, natural looking design that you can easily get with porcelain tile or something much more complex. With the vibrant colors and designs that can be found in ceramic tile, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in flooring.

Ceramic tile or porcelain tile?

If you are more interested in natural looking floors that aren’t over the top, porcelain is definitely the choice for you. Made with the same type of clay throughout the entire tile, there is no need to cover the natural look with colored glazes, so you get the original look of the clay.

With ceramic tile, a variety of materials are used in the manufacture, which means the color isn’t as uniform as porcelain. Glazes are laid over the tile in beautiful colors and designs, and are some of the most unique styles that you are likely to come across in your search for flooring.

In your choice between ceramic or porcelain tile, it’s important to note that porcelain is denser and harder than ceramic. This means that it will be more resistant to water, and able to withstand much heavier traffic than ceramic as well. Be sure to speak to your flooring professional about your specific needs before making your purchase.

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Decorating with tile

Because tile can be so colorful, and there are so many designs to choose from, you can literally design your own, one of a kind floors. You might choose to outline a space in one kind of tile, and fill it in with something that looks a little different. You can also create patterns, with differently colored tiles. You might even opt for a mosaic of your very own design, to be created using tiles of different colors, shapes and sizes.

Find the tile that’s right for you

You might not be fully persuaded until you actually see these tile flooring options for yourself. Because of this, Carpet & Tile Warehouse extends the invitation to visit us at our showroom in Vero Beach, Florida. From there, we service the areas of not only Vero Beach, but also Fort Pierce, FL, Sebastian, FL, Indian River, FL, South Beach, FL, and Port St. Lucie, FL. Come on out and check out our full line of tile flooring today!