What you need to know about laminate flooring

While many factors should be taken into consideration with any new floor covering, laminate flooring offers great benefits at an affordable price that can be beneficial in any home. They are elegant, durable and easy to maintain, so they’re certainly worth a second look. You might just find they meet your needs better than anything else you’ve considered so far.

At Carpet & Tile Warehouse, we have been offering affordable, high-quality floor coverings for more than 20 years for the areas of Vero Beach, FL, Fort Pierce, FL, Sebastian, FL, Indian River, FL, South Beach, FL, and Port St. Lucie, FL. We’ve done it all from our showroom at Vero Beach, FL. When you arrive, you will deal directly with the owners who believe that every homeowner should be treated with the same dedication. Whether you’re reflooring one room or an entire house, we will make sure we do everything possible to help you find the floor covering of your dreams.

Facts and options in laminate

We are going to get right to the basics by drawing your attention to the underlayment that goes beneath laminate. Some homeowners might consider skipping this option as a way to save some money, but we highly advise against that. Not only does it make the floor much softer and comfortable to walk on, but it also keeps the material from clicking against the subfloor. It even helps with installation, as underlayment can often even out subfloor inconsistencies that can eventually lead to bigger problems.

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Find durable laminate flooring

There are those homeowners that have a very quiet and simple lifestyle, and they are free to choose any style that seems appealing to them. However, we often see homeowners whose houses are filled with visitors, pets, and children, creating an atmosphere where one must take more care in choosing a floor finish. Some finish options that are more suited for these active homes include low-gloss or matte, as well as hand scraped laminate or distressed patina. Not only will these look better in these homes, but they can also hide a lot of the things that make it look unkempt overall.

Wide plank laminate is available, and some homeowners love the finished look it provides. However, a must for this type of flooring is a subfloor that is completely perfect in every way. Unevenness can make it hard, or even impossible, to snap the planks together. It can also create end joints that will not remain flush against each other, and you’ll eventually find more gaps underneath the flooring that you can feel when you walk across it.