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Getting to pick out a brand new floor for your home could be as easy as looking into carpet. In fact, there are so many reasons that homeowners keep coming back to carpet when their home is ready for a new floor, it might surprise you. Carpet not only adds a timeless beauty to your home, it can really make a difference in the feel as well.

Carpet is a wonderful choice if you have children or elderly people in your home. Even having pets isn’t a reason to rule out this luxuriously soft flooring. But let’s look a little deeper into what carpet can offer you and your home.


Carpet and children

When considering carpet for your next flooring project, the idea of children is likely to cause you to think first of stains. While we certainly understand that, we also know that there is no flooring option more comfortable and safe to be underneath your children.

Carpet can give your kids a soft, safe place to utilize their floor time, and provides a soft landing if they happen to fall. And we all know that children are certainly prone to falling! It’s also slip resistant, so it makes the perfect underfoot medium for those young ones practicing their first steps.

Even the thought of stains shouldn’t deter you. Carpet is now available with stain protection built right in to the fibers, so spills and messes aren’t nearly the problem they use to be.

Carpet and the elderly

Carpet is as great for elderly people as it is for children, and for many of the same reasons. The chance for slipping on carpet is much less likely, and if they do fall, it’s a much safer landing than, say, hardwood or laminate flooring. It handles the traffic of walkers and wheelchairs, without the worry that these items might get away from them.

Therefore, with carpet in place, they can move along at their own pace, every time, until they safely arrive at their chosen spot.

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Carpet & Tile Warehouse is proud to service the areas of Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Sebastian, and Indian River, with a showroom located in Vero Beach, Florida. If you are in any of these areas, we invite you to stop in at your earliest convenience. We have flooring professionals standing ready to show you our full line of carpet.

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