What size area rug do I need

You can change the room’s ambiance by placing an area rug on a hard surface floor. An area rug adds a layered look and an upscale look on a carpeted floor to the décor. However, if your rug has a practical use, like protecting wall-to-wall carpeting in a hallway, nothing says it doesn’t also have to add to the décor by elevating the look. The flooring specialists at Carpet and Tile Warehouse in Vero Beach, FL, can help you find that perfect rug.

Large area rugs

Large area rugs look very good under a dining room table. You want to make sure to push the chairs out from the table and still have them on the rug. This means that it should be placed 24 to 36 inches beyond the sides of the table. Another good space for a large area rug is in the family room. Put the front legs of the couch on the rug leaving ample space for the carpet in front of you. Runner rugs go in a kitchen to make decorating easy. Or you can lay a runner rug in a work area in a larger kitchen.

Small area rugs

Small round area rugs appear to be floating when they are in an open space or large room. If you have a round coffee table, you can show it off by matching it with a square area rug. Then arrange the furniture around it. Home rugs can give you a traditional or contemporary look, depending on the décor. You can also take geometric-shaped colorful rugs and put them in the children's room, making a delightful arrangement to have fun.

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