Area rug trends & styles

Right now, layering is a hot trend, so even if you already have a floor you love, you can make it stand out even more. Typically placed over hard surfaces, like hardwood or tile, area rugs accent, highlight, and add texture. These home rugs can even be placed over wall-to-wall broadloom to inject some vibrancy into a neutral space or quiet into a loud, overly patterned one. Layering is also a great idea if you have a rug that’s too small for typical placement.

What is an area rug?

They are simply carpets that are much smaller than the room's proportions, and, unlike carpeting, they aren't attached to the floor, so they can be easily picked up to clean or remove. There are both stock and custom rugs; stock comes in standard sizes, with the most common being 5 X 8 or 8 X 11, while custom rugs can be made into any size, shape, design, or color.

Current popular styles are bright geometrics, vintage looks, chevrons (very hot right now), and exotic themes like Moroccan. Area rugs should be large enough to fit under significant pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, with a 12- to-18-inch extension of bare floor sticking out. Large area rugs with brilliant colors and bold patterns are especially hot right now, but be sure the design doesn’t get obscured by furniture when placed.


It may seem a little strange to you, but a kitchen is an excellent place for an area rug, especially when the room needs a little TLC. We know someone who placed two in her all-white kitchen to add color and texture to a rather bland environment.

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