Do you need a pad for an area rug?

Finding the perfect rug for your home can include learning a bit about the products and processes that help create your desired result. Today, we will look a bit deeper into this floor covering to find out if you need a pad under your new area rug, so follow along for more details. 

Customizing the home rugs you choose

There are a few good reasons to consider adding a pad beneath your new area rug, no matter what type of flooring it’s being installed over. Here are few reasons that may matter to you. 

1. If you have hard surface flooring, a pad can protect the flooring underneath from the potentially rough backing material found on your new rugs. In addition, it helps create a barrier that works to protect your floors from shifting, scratching, and scarring. 

2. Choosing large area rugs to place beneath furniture like couches and beds is a great idea. However, without a pad, these rugs can shift, bunch, and create a tripping hazard in many spaces. 

3. Depending on where your rugs are placed, they can take on a great deal of traffic impact. Pads absorb that pressure, leaving you with longer-lasting rugs, even in busy areas. 

We provide the home rugs that serve you best 

At Carpet & Tile Warehouse, we work hard to make sure the floor covering you choose meets your requirements and preferences. Our associates work with you from the start of your remodel until you are satisfied with the results, so be sure to speak with us at length about your needs. 

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