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Moisture management service

Most people use about 25 gallons of water during a ten-minute shower. Over the course of a year that comes to 9,125 gallons of water per person. This would mean that a family of four uses 36,500 gallons of water per year, which is a tremendous amount of water and why it helps to have a moisture management service to help. Waterproofing is the foundation of a successful bathroom. Many of the construction materials used in bathrooms such as wood framing, plywood, gypsum, wallboard, and more are moisture sensitive and need to be protected from vapor and water penetration. The key to preventing mold is moisture control.

Why shower stalls fail?

Using typical backer board shower methods, a moisture barrier is installed behind the backer board and the backer board is installed on top of the moisture barrier. Tile and grout are then installed over the backer board. This layering method, while still used today, allows any moisture penetrating behind your tile and grout to saturate your backer board substrate. Water remaining in the backer board behind your tile will eventually lead to musty smells, mildew or even mold.



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Worry free shower stalls

Out with the old method and in with the new. Introducing integrated Shower Systems. Utilizing these systems creates a waterproofing solution that shields and protects backer board from getting wet in the first place. All products are hydrophobic, which greatly speeds up the "drying out" process after each and every shower, eliminating mold‘s ability to feed and grow. These products are waterproof and vapor retardant, temperature-resistant and thermally insulating, dust free and contain no cement or fiberglass.

What is an integrated shower system?

The shower system is an integrated family of products that improves on the traditional shower installation system. These integrated systems eliminate leaks, reduce the potential for efflorescence, will not support mold growth and will not rot or degrade over the life of the tile assembly. Renovation projects can sometimes be costly. Your finished bathroom renovation may look beautiful on the surface. Consider an integrated shower system as an inexpensive insurance policy that will protect your renovation investment for years to come.